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Re: End of year break party

> It's time once again for our end of year bash
> Flagstaff gardens - William St Melbourne
> at the BBQ near the tennis courts
> noon Sat Dec 9th
> Bring a drink to share and your attachments maybe a bat and ball or
> frisbee sunscreen insect repellant and something to sit on etc......
> (This invitation extends only to the luv committee.. next year we hope to
> be able to invite all of luv but no promises.)
> See you there
> Pen
> Ps, Computerbank Victoria took over its new premises today at
> 92 Rosslyn St West Melbourne.
> Yeah :)

Oh whoops...seems i didn't see that...anyway the RSVP bit still
stands. ;)


ComputerBank Australia -- http://www.computerbank.org.au/