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[Computerbank] debian jr - making linux accessable for kids.....

Isnt this fantastic!!!!


Debian Jr. Project
Debian for children from 1 to 99

Making Debian desirable to children
The primary goal of the Debian Jr. project is to make Debian an OS our 
children want to run. This involves some sensitivity to the needs of 
children as expressed by the children themselves. As parents, 
developers, older siblings, sys admins, we need to keep our ears and 
eyes open and discover what it is that makes computers desirable to 
children. Without this focus, we can easily get sidetracked trying to 
achieve abstract goals like "user friendliness", "simplicity", "low 
maintenance", or "robustness" that, while they are certainly laudable 
goals for Debian as a whole, are too broad for addressing the specific 
needs and wants of children.

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