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[Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

Dear Computerbank Supporters

Some time ago I posed the question: "do we need to standardise on a
particular linux distribution ?". At the time my question did not generate a
lot of discussion.

This question was picked up on again at the last CAI management committee
meeting. This was in response to me wanting to approach Redhat for
sponsorship etc. The CAI Committee agreed to get some input from the group
before making any decisions.

Do we need to standardise on a linux distribution ? Given the lack of
discussion my last posting generated can I assume that this is not a big
issue for people here ? Of the replies I did receive one person suggested
that each branch should choose its own distribution based on the
skills/experience available in the volunteers - is this a satisfactory
approach ?

If you feel that Computerbank should standardise on a particular Linux
distribution maybe you could discussion and share your thoughts on some of
the following questions:
a) why do we need to standardise on a Linux distribution
b) what distribution should we pick and why

Tony Joblin,
Convenor - Computerbank Queensland
A Branch of Computerbank Australia Inc.
Box 1423, Coorparoo DC  4151
Tel: 07 3371 1311 (W), Email: cbq-exec@dstc.edu.au

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