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Re: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

> I am open to consider the commercial benefits in deciding what distribution
> to use, though at the moment I don't see the benefit in getting RedHat
> sponsorship. I make this remark on the grounds that I don't know what
> RedHat could possibly give us except for free support (which they normally
> charge for) and money through advertising. I think they would be the ones
> making out in such a deal, not us! :)

There is no reason why Computerbank and Redhat can't both arrive at a win-win 
sponsorship deal.

When approaching RedHat for sponsorship I would suggest asking for the 

For computerbank:
* Promotional material such as caps, shirts etc
* CDs
* Manuals
* RHCE training for an agreed number of Computerbank volunteers at zero cost.
* RHCE training for an agreed number of wftd participants at zero cost. Would 
allow is to enhance our wftd projects with a unique offering.

For community groups we provide systems to:
* free access to RH update network 
* access to some level of RH support
* access to free RHCE training for an agreed number of sys admins based on number of installed systems.

Cash would be good but that is probably not what I would focus on.

> Reasoning:
> * RedHat's current focus is commercial. Using RedHat at the moment links
> you tightly into using RedHat specific packages and support about upgrades
> and changes is a paid service.

The fact that RH is commercial is a red herring and we should not 
discriminate against them because of this. RH supports linux and under the 
GPL they are free to try and make a living from supporting Linux. If they 
improve Linux and provide a useful service along the way - cool.

Using RH and being tightly linked to using RH specific packages is no worse 
than using Debian and being tightly linked into using debian specific 
packages. Given that RH has a larger install base and that most software is 
packages as rpms, using RH could be an advantage for our clients. It would be 
rare to have the reverse situation where a software download is available as 
a debian package but not as rpm. Yes I am aware that there are tools to 
convert rpms to debs.

The RH update network is free to individuals. I don't see any problem getting 
free access to this network for the community organisations we work with. The 
RH update network is similar to the Debian apt-get upgrade (?) thingy.

> Raul Pollicino
> rauly@bigpond.net.au

Tony Joblin
Convenor Computerbank Queensland
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