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RE: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

> When approaching RedHat for sponsorship I would suggest asking for the
> following:
> For computerbank:
> * Promotional material such as caps, shirts etc
> * CDs
> * Manuals
> * RHCE training for an agreed number of Computerbank volunteers
> at zero cost.
> * access to free RHCE training for an agreed number of sys admins
> based on number of installed systems.

They are nice, but definitely not essential. :) If being exclusive meant
that we just got free CD's and manuals, then I would have to be a little
unimpressed by the deal. No harm to do it though...

> * RHCE training for an agreed number of wftd participants at zero
> cost. Would
> allow is to enhance our wftd projects with a unique offering.

This sounds more like and issue between wftd people and RedHat. I wasn't
aware that we were aiming to be providers, just assisting groups who maybe
affiliated with job network and work for the dole. Can we even do this as an

> For community groups we provide systems to:
> * free access to RH update network
> * access to some level of RH support

Great point! Redhat to give support and training to installed sites is a
great idea!! That's definitely something to take to the table!!!

> Cash would be good but that is probably not what I would focus on.

I have to agree, we really don't need cash, but maybe enough to help out
with our common issues of transportation and storage. Yet another issue for
the upper echelons of CB to make the call on.

> The fact that RH is commercial is a red herring and we should not
> discriminate against them because of this. RH supports linux and
> under the
> GPL they are free to try and make a living from supporting Linux. If they
> improve Linux and provide a useful service along the way - cool.

Ultimately the package issue is not going to discriminate any available
option. I will retract my points as not to cloud the issue further.

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