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[Computerbank] CASE was: Canberra

Hi Bruce and others

Following your links wrt to Canberra, and then to www.case.org.au I see 
that CASE now has a draft business plan to establish a Community Technology 
Centre (CTC). From their draft business plan:

What can be done at a CTC?
    -. A PC Recycling Plant, training unemployed individuals in computer 
maintenance and providing low-cost and free equipment to disadvantaged 
persons and community groups
    -. A Computer Training Room and tutor
    -. A low cost/free Internet Cafe for use by disadvantaged individuals
    -. Fat-pipe, low-cost permanent internet connection for community 
sector and non-profit networks
    -. In-house consulting in high-end networking and technical issues, for 
access by community groups and non-profit agencies
    -. Partnerships with commercial and community bodies set up to 
facilitate on-line and technical services targeting disadvantaged persons
    -. A skills brokerage to help non-profit and community sector 
organisations assess and meet their technological needs

May I suggest that this may be a good time for a Canberra Computerbank 
entity to talk to CASE.

All the best
Perth, Western Australila

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