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Re: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

/me hates this list cause it doesn't rewrite the reply address meaning that
if you just type up a quick reply it might not go where you want it.
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> > > b) what distribution should we pick and why
> >
> > -- Either RedHat or Debian, RH gives the benefit of the kickstart
> > where it would be 'stick a NFS boot disk in, answer three questions,
> > for half an hour, come back to a complete basic system', but Debian has
> > less bloat.
> I believe that one of the features of RH kickstart is that you can
> the install with a package list. Once you have a bloat free installation
> can generate a package list to be used for an install. I have never tried
> but this is what read in the documentation when I was looking at it. I was
> thinking of using this in Qld but it has slipped down the priority list at
> the moment.

Essentially the kickstart idea would be that every question in the install
except those that are machine specific would be automaticlly answered (like
ethernet config, packages, etc.) whereas stuff like X config the installer
answers, also the kickstart allow a script to be run at the end of the
install which could configure generic stuff.

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