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Re: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

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> > > Of the replies I did receive one person suggested that each branch
> > choose its own distribution based on the skills/experience available in
> > volunteers - is this a satisfactory approach?
> > -- To a point, really the choice should be between RedHat & Debian,
> > all other distros (except slackware) are based off them, and the other
> > major distros (Mandrake, Suse, Caldera) are mostly just enhancements
> > linux 'prettier' and 'easier to install' both of which arn't a concern.
> I don't think we should underestimate this "easier to install" factor.
> as installing operating systems and software is one of Computerbanks core
> functions I think anything that makes our job easier is a good thing. Also
> anything that makes it easier to train our volunteers to use is also a
> thing. Anything that makes it easier for the recipients to use etc is also
> good thing.
-- I'm a real RH guy, but I find that the CBV debian install is easy, and
simply if you follow a short set of instructions you end up with an almost
done system.

> Its been a while since I ran Debian, but the last time I did a comparison
> found RH much easier to install. I don't know what the state of play is at
> the moment. Choosing an easier system where we are less dependent on guru
> experts is a good thing. Given the size of the RH vs Debian user base it
> means that we are more likely to encounter volunteers with RH knowledge
> rather than Debian knowledge, this could also have training implications
> us down the track.
-- Again once you've done it a couple of times the debian install is quite
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