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Re: [Computerbank] CASE was: Canberra

Great to get your support Jacqueline!

All the way across Oz. Tell me, have you heard of Connie Shaw in Mandurah
(I think it's Mandurah? Somewhere near Perth that starts with an M.) she
fixes up computers for the disabled in something called the Mandurah
Mouseketeers or something, been doing it for yonks.

I've saved my response to you on this until I knew Darrell from CASE was on
here to see what you said. He's just joined us. :)

(( Goodonyer Darrell! ))

Thanks Jacqueline, Bruce

At 16:09 9/12/01 +0800, Jacqueline McNally wrote:
>Hi Bruce and others
>Following your links wrt to Canberra, and then to www.case.org.au I see 
>that CASE now has a draft business plan to establish a Community Technology 
>Centre (CTC). From their draft business plan:
>What can be done at a CTC?
>    -. A PC Recycling Plant, training unemployed individuals in computer 
>maintenance and providing low-cost and free equipment to disadvantaged 
>persons and community groups
>    -. A Computer Training Room and tutor
>    -. A low cost/free Internet Cafe for use by disadvantaged individuals
>    -. Fat-pipe, low-cost permanent internet connection for community 
>sector and non-profit networks
>    -. In-house consulting in high-end networking and technical issues, for 
>access by community groups and non-profit agencies
>    -. Partnerships with commercial and community bodies set up to 
>facilitate on-line and technical services targeting disadvantaged persons
>    -. A skills brokerage to help non-profit and community sector 
>organisations assess and meet their technological needs
>May I suggest that this may be a good time for a Canberra Computerbank 
>entity to talk to CASE.
>All the best
>Perth, Western Australila

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