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RE: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

> I don't think we should underestimate this "easier to install"
> factor. Seeing
> as installing operating systems and software is one of Computerbanks core
> functions I think anything that makes our job easier is a good
> thing. Also
> anything that makes it easier to train our volunteers to use is
> also a good
> thing. Anything that makes it easier for the recipients to use
> etc is also a
> good thing.

Obviously I have a different view when it comes to Computerbank's needs. I
don't believe us to have a problem with needing to train volunteers. The
training I see is for end users, and for volunteers to know what the end
user is to see.

So my priority scale would be:
 1. Easier for the recipients to use
 2. Easier to install
 3. Easier to train our volunteers*

* Point 3 is already done by the linux community through user groups and
install-fests. We shouldn't bend our choice of distribution to accomodate
something that we can simply harness elsewhere.

> Its been a while since I ran Debian, but the last time I did a
> comparison I
> found RH much easier to install. I don't know what the state of
> play is at
> the moment. Choosing an easier system where we are less dependent on guru
> experts is a good thing. Given the size of the RH vs Debian user
> base it also
> means that we are more likely to encounter volunteers with RH knowledge
> rather than Debian knowledge, this could also have training
> implications for
> us down the track.

Only really applies to people who are locked into the GUI configuration
tools (something that may not even be available on low end machines or
mystery boxes). Whether it is Slackware, Debian, Redhat, Mandrake etc, there
is no special knowledge outside of knowing linux/unix. Differences in a few
file locations, utilities available, and startup scripts is all there is to

I think we should strike the whole 'people prefer distribution X' from the
list and just focus on the technical issues that will allow us to find the
final distribution (eg. installer flexibility)

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