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RE: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

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Subject: RE: [Computerbank] Linux distribution standardisation

> > * RHCE training for an agreed number of wftd participants at zero
> > cost. Would allow is to enhance our wftd projects with a unique
> This sounds more like and issue between wftd people and RedHat. I wasn't
> aware that we were aiming to be providers, just assisting groups who maybe
> affiliated with job network and work for the dole. Can we even do this as
> organisation??

While VIC did receive a large upfront grant from BP. Most recurrent funding
is expected to come from work for the dole programs being run by
Computerbank. Kylie can give the list more details of Computerbanks current
wftd projects in VIC if necessary. Wftd is also being suggested as a
possible means for new state branches to secure funding sufficient to pay
for staff and rent etc. I had thought that there might be an opportunity to
integrate a certification course with the wftd program for those
participants who are suitably advanced to make use of it. This would add
value for the participants. It would allow us to help people in another
concrete way. Gives us a unique wftd offering that potentially makes our
programs more secure.

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