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[Computerbank] latest on Greg in Landsborough VIC and us

Hi Kylie and all,

I contacted the Landsborough PO (Priscilla there) ... an old trick.

I left my phone number and Computerbank's and asked Priscilla to let Greg
White know there's potentially some free (old) computers for his district
available but they'll be gone on next Saturday. It was clear she'd get onto
it as quickly as she could, she of course knew him well.

(( I'm talking the stuff John West throws away ))

That is, our junk pile ready for the garage sale, printers, bodgy
computers, bits and pieces, whatever he wants.

I told her to tell Greg to ask for me or Computerbank to call him back or
accept a reverse charges call, Wednesday is too far away.

Regards, Bruce

PS. Nearly ALL the computers are down in the Landsborough area of 400
people she advised me. 

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