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Re: [Computerbank] boosting other capital cities

On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 16:03, jennifairy wrote:
> Terry I think that your *being polite this time due to ignorance* 
> comment a leetle misplaced. I havent seen any postings from you or 
> anyone else from CB NSW commenting on yr progress or whatever, Ive 

The NSW CB is *extremely* busy. I know that our exectuve have had to
field something in the order of several hundred requests for help daily
as well as receiving more machines than we can house. The administrative
workload is such that a paid employee is really required (and has been
discussed, unofficially). 

> havent heard of any postings from you (or etc) on the mIRC for 

What on Earth is mIRC?

> computerbank in the past few months when lots of things have been 
> happening all over the place, so its kinda hard for anyone outside your 
> *private*  NSW list to get a grip on whats going on for you. I would 

If you want to know what is happening is NSW, join the NSW mailing list.
It is far from private or exclusive.

> love to hear what is happening there, how you deal with issues (what 
> your issues are etc), theres been a lot of talk lately about lots of 
> different things but no voice from you guys. I thought that you (like us 

A number of fellow CB NSW have mentioned to me that they had joined this
list but unsubscribed because the traffic was too high. I have to agree,
especially as here I am replying to a week old email :) 

> here in SA) are just starting up & maybe it would be great to share what 
> is working/not working. Please can you find the time to fill us in a bit??

You will no doubt hear from our people when time allows.



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