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Re: [Computerbank] boosting other capital cities

Good morning Craige,

Thanks for this info that puts those of us outside Sydney more into the
picture, what are you doing about the possibility of country branches in
NSW and do you see the A.C.T. as better served by being its own state-like
branch or working through Sydney?

Regards, Bruce (Melb)

At 23:06 13/12/01 +1100, Craige McWhirter wrote:

>The NSW CB is *extremely* busy. I know that our exectuve have had to
>field something in the order of several hundred requests for help daily
>as well as receiving more machines than we can house. The administrative
>workload is such that a paid employee is really required (and has been
>discussed, unofficially). 
>If you want to know what is happening is NSW, join the NSW mailing list.
>It is far from private or exclusive. 
>A number of fellow CB NSW have mentioned to me that they had joined this
>list but unsubscribed because the traffic was too high. I have to agree,
>especially as here I am replying to a week old email :) 
>You will no doubt hear from our people when time allows.

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