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[Computerbank] SGM

Hi All 
The Special General Meeting will take place at Rosslyn St at 1pm EDST and
on xchat #computerbank.

The motions are

1. "To provide community groups and low income earners with recycled
donated computers and training to promote computer literacy, be adopted as
the CAI Statement of Purpose."

2."To provide computers and training to low income earners and community
groups who are often educationally and economically denied the
opportunities that most of us take for granted. To this end we provide
them with Free software which consequently doesn't put a strain on
otherwise limited resources, be adopted as  the CAI Statement of Purpose."

3." To 
    i.promote and encourage Computer Literacy throughout the
    ii.enable technological access to all; 
    iii.organise such functions as deemed necessary to promote the aims of 
        the organisation; 
    iv.form strategic partnerships with Organisations or Associations
       which have compatible objectives; and 
    v.undertake promotional and fund-raising activities as required from
      time to time to achieve these objectives.
be adopted as the CAI Statement of Purpose."

Don't forget Proxy's need to be to me by the 12 Jan. The form is an
appendix to the constitution and is on the website.

Chatroom is found through
Xchat - Openprojects - #computerbank

try it out a few of the computerbank people chat about tech issues there.



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