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Re: [Cb-nsw] [Computerbank] boosting other capital cities

Good morning everyone!

Thanks Craig and Craige..

What a happy new start for our combined New Year together.

This is all starting to jell together pretty nicely for the A.C.T. and
Sydney/NSW don't you think?

In case (for any others now thinking they want to be talking to people on
the 'other' list too for a bit while this proposed formation of CBACT goes
ahead) here are reminders to their sites for their how-tos and stuff:

NSW http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/cb-nsw

NATIONAL http://www.computerbank.org.au/

For an ACT backgrounder of sorts
See CASE http://www.case.org.au

Darrell Burkey <dazza@tucan.net> of C.A.S.E in Canberra is on the national
list but he is moving currently, so his input might be somewhat constrained
for a bit. But that's OK? We can just make sure he sees this by ccing him
... and when he's settled have it well along the way?

Regards to everyone across Australia! Bruce (in Melb)
At 08:32 1/01/02 +1100, Craig Warner wrote:

[Following Bruce McCubbery]
>> > With the stirring interest in an A.C.T. branch, perhaps
>> > the NSW one should be getting involved? They must have 
>> > had contacts from that area in the past?

[And Craige McWhirter]
>> SLUG certainly have "contacts" in CLUG but I do not know how far
>> that extends into other community groups and I'm unaware of what
>> contacts CBNSW has with ACT. Perhaps the CBNSW executive can answer
>> that?

[Craig Warner]

>There has been no contact between CLUG or any community groups that CBNSW 
>knows of.
>It would be great to have a CBACT as CBNSW has a number of applications from 
>the ACT. But most of our energy is concentrated on CBNSW unless someone in 
>Canberra takes up the bat and ball. 

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