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Re: [Computerbank] boosting other capital cities

Hi Craige!

I hope the BIG MOVE into the premises in Penrith went OK yesterday, no
bushfire trouble? With the stirring interest in an A.C.T. branch, perhaps
the NSW one should be getting involved? They must have had contacts from
that area in the past?

Regards, Bruce (Ascot Vale, Melbourne)

PS. The CASE involvement and their expertise implies Canberra could almost
certainly be up and running quickly?

At 23:56 17/12/01 +1100, Craige McWhirter wrote:

[country branches in NSW and do you see the A.C.T. as...?]

>this would depend on numbers. If they only have a small number of
>initial volunteers it would make sense for them to initially feed off
>our resources. As for country branches in general, we've had a number of
>approaches (about 4) and I believe the executive (of which I am not a
>part) welcome country branches.

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