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Minutes of the Melbourne Computerbank meeting

Sorry for the delay in the posting of the minutes.
Alas here they are.

They will also be placed on a web page...

I have composed a very brief web page for the Melbourne
Branch of computerbank.
http://www.computerbank.org.au/melbourne/  (I am hoping that
others will help with this site) Perhaps at the working bee
some of the group might be interested in doing web pages for
the melbourne branch. (?) 

We have also been asked to submit a proposal for a
talk/presentation at the CALU conference. This has to be in
ASAP. Trish and I are in the midst of preparing the
proposal. You can see a copy of the draft proposal at:

We have also been asked if we would like to submit a
paper/presentation for the Community Networking Conference
in October. It is for the Community Sector.
This paper would (advised) centre around GNU/Linux and how
it could serve the community sector. (Eg: what it could
achieve for them). Particularly important considering that
the community sector has suffered many funding cuts.

We probably should talk about these items at our next
meeting. (working bee - Sat 13th Feb 12pm)



Meeting  was opened by Kylie Davies at 3.05 pm, Saturday, 30 
January 1999.


Attendance register was completed as people entered.

Present: See roll-call, Item 5

Apologies: Pam Snowball due to illness         Rob Jackson


Kylie opened meeting and asked who was on mailing list.


KYLIE: Three months ago created Computerbank site on Internet.

People from Sydney (rural NSW) and Perth have joined  in.   Perth
are trying to incorporate their own Computerbank.

Mailing list is set up, many people on mailing list are from 

Kylie recently was in contact with the  offices  of  Carlo  Carli
(Shadow  IT  Minister),  he  is very interested, and advised that
they want to hold a meeting in regard to supporting Computerbank.

Kylie  held  meeting  with Multi Media Victoria in late September
with Mark Bishop and Kerry Anne Angwin. Kylie was asked to  write
the department head a letter.

Kylie advised has already had several donations of equipment thus


Kylie said that we need to think about incorporation.  This would
be  good  as computerbank would have official status so as to get
more donations, get tax-exempt status, limit liability etc.

This meeting is to incorporate and  to  elect  secretaries,  etc.
Financial person, and all officers.

Q.  We  need to start thinking of  a mission statement.  And what
more we want to do.

KYLIE: Advised that the main aim was to provide second hand  
computers  to people on low incomes and people with chronic illnesses,
 isolated people.  Clients should  have  internet  connections
where  possible to enable communication.  Computers to also go to
kids in schools.

AUD: Also for people with physical disabilities.

KYL: Unemployed people.


Q.  Is  Computerbank  an  extension  of  SkillsNet?   A  training
provider  with  the  difference that you also replace and provide

KYL: This project fills a need but also promotes Linux.  We  only
want to use Linux

PETER:  Charities are supportive.  Spoke to Smith Family who said
that other people had  tried and had problems with obtaining  the
free software.

AUD:  We  would still have to co-operate with other organisations
even if don't affiliate
 with them

5. Everybody introduced themselves, why they are here, etc.

Kylie Davies, Founder, VUT Social work student. Computerbank 
project  may  be  used as part of Kylie's degree requirements and if
successful the project may be used thus by SW students in the future.

Daniel Morriss, Simplicity IT

Peter  Eckersley,  Maths/Physics/Computer Science student at 
Melbourne University

Bill McPherson, from Carlo Carli's organisation and  representing
Virtual  Moreland (VMORE). Interested in supporting Computerbank.
VMORE also involved in a computer museum.

Fred Gillon, Interested in linux. Associated with Bill McPherson.

Sam Reid, Netexposure web design, uses Linux

Rodney Brown, Unix and Linux user

Mark Kuchel, Science at Melb Uni, Linux user

Trish Fraser, IT Sales (Unix systems), Linux newbie

Tony Tay,  Unix programmer

Craig  Sanders,  Linux  user  since  93, Debian developer, Vicnet

Rebecca Davies, minutes taker.

Samira Baho, systems admin Unix at Cybersource

Toby Bainbridge, computer consultant (regional)


Discussed pros and cons of incorporation.

AUD: Do we have money to incorporate?

Bill: Every Charity is scared they will be sued and thus want  to
be  incorporated.   However, some businesses went out of business
due to incorporation.

We now have a community association, do we need to incorporate?

Believes that should remain just community  association,  not  an
incorporation as yet.  Expensive and possibly unneccessary,

AUD:  Office  of  Fair Trading have regulations re: fund raising;
Should talk to them

Q. What are costs to be incorporated.  A. about $50

KYL: Wants to draw up papers to show people what they are  about.
Even if not incorporated.

MOTION  to organise ourselves within three to six months and then
form incorporated body.  In meantime to become a committee  
association  with constitution, arrange mission  statement, then when
we are organised, incorporate and elect permanent
 office bearers.

EIGHT in favour.


AUD: Should elect office bearers on line.  Today should elect 
interim  office bearers however. Such as President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer.

Decided to not elect Vice President until incorporation.

Also should elect a technical officer, publicity officer,  internet
 officer, recruitment officer etc.

SAM:  Should  also discuss: Collection of  parts; Distribution of
parts; Finance

PETER: Charity I have spoken to said you should  provide  a  
disclaimer saying that the parts are not guaranteed.

AUD: Should keep record of where every part comes from, the serial
 numbers, date of receiving part.

AUD: Since we are on line it is faster to  provide  information.,
however  we  need  to let more people know and thus advertise off

KYL: Wants organisation to be very open and non biased in providing

MOTION   to  appoint  three  officials today Seconded. SIX People


PRESIDENT: Kylie Davies nominated, moved, seconded and PASSED

TREASURER: Pam Snowball nominated.  moved, seconded and PASSED

SECRETARY: Nominated Trish Fraser, moved, seconded and PASSED

KYLIE: Should look at legal assistance for pro bono.  The Law 
Institute  have  an  application  form to provide free legal assistance,
  It takes two to three months for them to accept  application.

PETER:  Advised  he has a friend working in a law office who will

Q. Any research on name, is the name taken.  If we can't call the
organisation Computerbank what can we call it?

A.     Victorian   Linux   Computerbank        Free  Computerbank
     Community Computerbank.

KYLIE: Perth are called Perth Computerbank, dont think  they  are
incorporated yet.

Rebecca  is able to find out whether the name is registered; when
she finds out she will tell Trish who will  arrange  registration
if  that  is possible. In the meantime Trish will find out how to
register the name.

MOTION to see if CB is available and if not register it or otherwise
 go to a voting process on line for a different name.

Moved, Seconded, PASSED.

AUD: Should request a logo.  Another name however can still be called 
 "Computerbank Project."


Who and what we need people to do.

Peter advised he was interested in publicity.

Craig advised that may be interested in  technical, depending  on
responsibilities involved.

Q:   How do people pay for internet access?

A.  Might  be able to talk to Telstra, and look into sponsorships
from companies.

Discussed internet access problems  (costs,  etc)  Also  problems
with modems, receiving them would be hard, especially good ones

AUD: Does  anyone  know  of free ISP connections, or if not free,

TRISH: I think it is important we ensure computers have  internet

PETER:  Believes  that  can get cheap internet access but traffic
costs are the problem.

CRAIG: If we only have e-mail may be able to  get  Vic  Nets  old
pool, (UUCP accounts)

BILL:  It would okay if we only provide e-mail access and if customers
 want internet access also, they can organise and  pay  for
it themselves.

KYLIE:  Apana has cheap access for internet at $120 per year.  We
should provide this for Computerbank customers.

Rural ISPs - problems with rural areas.

CRAIG: says that Vicnet are trying to provide  more  ISP  connections
 in rural Victoria.

RODNEY: If only e-mail, need  small modem and USP connection.

AUD: Internet is secondary to CB.  (EVERYONE Agrees) Some clients
will need internet, some wont.  It depends on their needs.

AUD:  Even if don't provide internet access should provide information
 on where to get it and the costs.

AIMS  OF  CB:  Collection, fixing, distribution, support training
and connection. Promote maintenance, ongoing training.

TRAINING: Moreland run training  courses  with  Linux  computers.
"SkillsNet"  will  help  with  training  also can co-operate with
them.  Have the rooms for training.

Q. What machines are we aiming to put out? How many?

A.  At least 386s.  May need 486 with 16 meg ram.

Suggestion: See what is donated first Maybe should not take  any-
thing less than 386

TRISH:   Federal  Government have turnover of desk tops every six
months.  We should try to obtain them.

REBECCA:  Should write to major companies for their  old  computers.

RODNEY: Mobil are planning on getting rid of old computers.  They
are selling them.

TRISH: Can sell old  circuit boards for $10  per  kilo  to  recyclers.
   We  can  do this if donated computers are no good - sell
our unwanted boards/cards.

MOTION to elect Craig as technical overseer, seconded

VOTED affirmative by 8


TOBY: Will look up the American Legislation to  see  if  computer
equipment is tax deductible. And able to be written off if donatedt
 to charity.

MOTION to elect Peter as Publicity Officer, seconded


STORAGE Anyone know of a suitable storage place.

MARK: Advised he has a shed in Brunswick available in mid  February
 It is 4 x 3 metres and has a lock.

KYLIE:  Simon Rumble (Rent a Geek) has advised me to contact CUB.
(Carlton and United Breweries)

KYLIE: Advised she has some equipment at  home  suggest  that  we
should have a get together so as to catalog this.

Advised she is attending a LUV meeting and will try to get people
interested in Computerbank while there. The Installfest could  be
a  good way to install a whole lot of linux boxes in one sitting.

Q. Who are target recipients?

A. Disadvantaged people, community groups.

Should have an application to receive computers.

KYLIE: We do not want an influx of applicants.  We need to develop
 qualification criteria for recipients.

Maybe recipients must first go through training course before receiving
 the computer or help to put computers together.

May be able to get people doing Uni degrees to help  in  workshop
and training and research.

PETER: Also try to get high school work experience students.

WORKING BEE Planned to have the working bee for cataloging existting
 equipment on 13 February, 1999  at Simplicity  IT  office  in
South Melbourne at 12 PM.

Trish  to  bring labels for barcoding, book for cataloguing, take
minutes of meeting to
 be held.


AUD: Applicants may have to go through other charities and be referred
 by them to Computerbank.  Will have to go through criteria
selection still.

KYLIE: Wants to arrange a meeting with Carlo Carli.  Some  people
interested, agreed to make it after 7.30pm.

BILL:  Anyone heard of Grouputer: It is groups of PCs and all inputs
 are on display on a central screen.

KYLIE: Mailing list, should have another: One  for  all  of  Australia
 and one for Vic.

CRAIG:  Should  also  have a private list to keep clients details


KYLIE: Suggested $10 for member fee

AUD: Develop association memberships for clients to become member
at  $5,  then  eligible  to  receive computer.(Associate members)
These members cannot vote.


We will discuss when the next meeting is to be held at the upcoming
working bee.

CRAIG  brought  up  computer  security problems - need to address
this and put into constitution.

AGREED to send the minutes of this meeting to mailing list

AUD: Suggestion to make a "to do" list like other states.   Should
keep tabs on what Perth is doing so as to get ideas.