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[Fwd: Re: Minutes of the Melbourne Computerbank meeting]

This didnt quite make it to the mailing list, so I am
forwarding it on behalf of Matthew Wright



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Matthew Wright here (mattyw@hotmail.com) I have tried to
subscribe to the mailing list a few times and haven't had
any success (the machine doesn't send me the confirmation

Anyhow I've got a few points to raise with you all (just
some ideas i'd like to throw about)

The registration of the name can be done at the Office of
fair trading??? in Flinders St down near the old casino.  It
costs $50. My brother is always down their registering
business names.

As for Internet access, i'd recommend offering say 3 best of
breed cheap offers to clients.  That way we don't force feed
one isp down peoples throats.  I personally wouldn't like to
deal with Apana, as I've had bad dealings with members etc.

I would however recommend Alphalink for dirt cheap access @
$100 flat rate a year for 8 hours total per day 3 hours at a
time off peak and 2 hours during peak (6pm??-11pm???)  I
know of more than 20 people using alphalink (i'm a
technician at a high school and i'm always recommending them
to people) And of late everyone has reported how the quality
of their service has gone up and up (My oldest brother , a
surgeon has quit using telstra bigpond and now uses

This is my most important recommendation.  My Fiance's
family is from Kaniva Victoria. I have already done a
computerbank kind of effort and set them up with two
computers.(486's at this stage running W95)  They have
internet access with alphalink and dial in during the telcos
evening $3 deals. Telstra offers $3 nation wide phonecalls
from 7pm -12pm and Aapt offers them from 6pm-12pm.   I would
like to see if someone from alphalink is willing to offer a
rural account at say $100 and only allow access between
these times. THe advantage would be that rural people
wouldn't use it every night (causing congestion on a
limitted service with limitted resources) as that would not
be affordable at $3 a connect.   If I was connecting in with
Telstra it would cost  $42 dollars for 6  hours at $7 an
hour (if you're not local to a POP) which heaps of country
people aren't.  Hows that for a deal?  -- this is a great
way to introduce MANY disadvantaged country people to the

ALso I have worked with Telstra for sponsorship in the past,
and they're usually very unwilling unless you can guarantee
them major exposure ie in the media.  Telstra generally acts
like a monopoly in this regard.  Your best bet is contacting
Terry Dawson who wrote the Net-3 howto's and maybe the
drivers??? in linux.  He works for telstra internet
(wholesale internet) as a network guru or something like

As for free isp connections, nothing is free. I won't
continue on this thread.

As for computers, i'd prefer to be giving people
486/16mb/500mb hard disk minimum.  but if we can only get
386's thats what we will have to provide.  I also think that
training and  finding the right person for a computer is a
must.  I'd hate to see all this hard work go wasted on
someone who will use it as a doorstop.

I don't agree in membership fees, and think that we should
ask for voluntary contribution and recommend x amount ($10)
and give no recognition of contributions (ie like the
catholic church does when they pass the plate around asking
for money, parishners are guilted into paying more cause all
their fellow parishners are watching. -(not that i goto
church or am catholic - just an example)

Ok i've probably rubbed you all up the wrong way by now,
sorry :)  Have a think about my suggestions and get back to
me mattyw@hotmail.com -- hope no one is offended


Matthew Wright

PS Kylie could you please have me added to the mailing list

-- END included message