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Re: Sat. meeting

Hi Dan

That was good news about the working boxes.

>Sadly, many of the disk drives (mostly between 80-260 meg)
>we had collected were in such a bad state with bad sectors etc.
>that they were unusable for Linux - so more hard drives are needed.
>We're also in undersupply of VGA cards, 72 pin ram (70ns) and
>VGA monitors, all for obvious reasons (these all get hoarded,
>to varying degrees). More 486's wouldn't go astray either.
>So, potential donators, here's your chance.
I've got a box of HDD's and suppose their condition most likely will be
suss - spose that's why they're in the box -  however I'll drop them in for
test - same with cards - I've got some of those 12" IBM VGA monitors and
access to others - I don't have a problem with them - do you think
Computerbank will ?

I'll try to get hold of some 486 boxes - will we still want some 386 ?- I've
got some

regards Bill