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Raising and Spending Money !!

Hi All
It became obvious we need money to buy the parts we dont have and will need to complete boxes given to us.
I'll keep you posted with any ways we find to raise dough and would appreciate any ideas - and I mean ANY ideas.
If they call for lot's and lot's of work to turn a quid remember to nominate yourself as project co-ordinator - don't let that stop you from making suggestions - we can keep them on file and even start a seperate 'money making mail montage' list ( I was looking for an M word.)
First one in is for a raffle for a worthwhile prize - a $750 Holiday at the place of your choice around Australia staying at a great selection of places (motels, resorts, etc. several hundred top joints to choose from) donated to us by a potential Member - we still have to print and distribute the raffle books - I guess we could run it for a few months.
How about some suggestions for the ticket price - like $2 -$5 - 3 for $5, 3 for $10 - remember it doesn't really matter - if it's low we just sell more tickets. This could give us a weekly flow to buy parts.
I'll complete a check with the raffle board - preliminary check seems OK
Inundate me please !!!
regards  Bill