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Re: Raising and Spending Money !!

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Bill McPherson wrote:

> Hi All
> It became obvious we need money to buy the parts we dont have and will need to complete boxes given to us.
Actually... it started to look after you left that we could get somewhere 
between 2 and 4 boxes going from what we had (we got 2 going, there were maybe
two more likely candidates).  A couple of them probably wouldn't run X - and we
would've needed some VGA monitors if we'd wanted to, but as someone said, 12" 
monitors are doable.  A lack of enough hard disk space was also an issue, but I
have a feeling that it may have been a quirk of the donations that we received.

There are some serious problems with buying equipment, unless it is specifically
for special projects such as community group servers.  Firstly, if it is new, it
is going to cost an awfull lot.  And if we buy 2nd hand stuff, then all sorts of
issues as to what we buy and what we want as donations start to arise.  Some
donors may resent the fact that other people are being payed for their gear...

Very much just my 2c worth...