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Re: Raising and Spending Money !!

>> It became obvious we need money to buy the parts we dont have and will need
> to complete boxes given to us.

While this is probably true in general, I suggest one reason we don't
get good enough machines is because we don't have corporate donors, who
can afford to retire Pentium 90s and that sort of thing, which are good
enough to run X. Individual donors tend to hang on or hand down this
class of machine. And we won't get many/any corporate donors until we
get official status. Until then we can manage only 386s and 486s most
of them in text mode. This is what I have found to be the case.

Unfortunately there is a large gap between text mode applications and
the full X.  Early experience shows that newbies find text mode Linux
too daunting.  There are no free text mode office suites for Linux they
can find shelter in most of the time.