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Spending Money !!

Hi All
This is the part I like - spending money - somewhere I heard 'Spending Money relieves Tension'
Chasing parts missing from boxes I looked at www.PCRecyclers.com.au
28.8 Modem    Internal $50    external $60
Memory           4 meg 30 and 70     $20     8 meg $35    16 meg    $70
HDD                420    $115    540    $135    1.2    $175
Keyboard        Std.    $6    Honeywell PS2 and AT    $12
All this was to get an idea of cost - So - where can we buy better - would you enquire at Swap meets - there are some good guys there - they even want to throw out some boxes at the end of the day and we are working at the low end. If picking up the stuff becomes a hassle give me a call and we'll organise 'Friends of the Bank' to pick it up even at short notice on a Sunday afternoon
regards Bill