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Asking for old gear

Hi All
Someone suggested ringing the advertisers in the Trading Post , telling our story and asking for their help - good idea. We may be welcomed by those that have had no offers.
I guess they might like an incentive to give us the stuff so how about turning their asking price into a luverly certificate for their donation to wherever the gear went - plus a screen acknowledgement -
' This gear has been donated to the Smith Family by the McPherson (read their name) Foundation'
(everyone should have a Foundation named after them) - plus - and there's more !! - giving them raffle tickets in our raffle to the value of the price they are asking ( a price they usually never get)
If you try give me a call and I'll arrange for 'Friends of the Bank' ( which Bank) to pick up the gear and complete the paperwork - Anybody got phone skills and spare time - a call a night maybe. It might work !!. If you leave the conversation at a point where they want paper explaining before they cough up email me and I'll send them a luverly screed (see if they have an email address to save the snail mail cost)
If they want a number to call to authenticate give them my name and number at 9444 6357 - its got answering on it if I'm not there - if they want an address give them the Computerbank/Museum address 59 Hudsons Rd. Spotswood
regards Bill