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Re: Asking for old gear

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Bill McPherson wrote:

> Hi All
> Someone suggested ringing the advertisers in the Trading Post , telling our story and asking for their help - good idea. We may be welcomed by those that have had no offers.

That's a good idea.  However, we might find that ringing people and asking them
to donate things that they're trying to sell is expensive, time consuming, and
may offend a small proportion of the people we phone.  A possible alternative
would be to place adds in the trading post itself.  Since everyone who
advertises there will read it first, we'll get all the coverage we could want.
We might even be able to get the adds as a "donation" from the Trading Post. 
> I guess they might like an incentive to give us the stuff so how about turning their asking price into a luverly certificate for their donation to wherever the gear went - plus a screen acknowledgement -

Actually.. that's something we should think about ASAP - when people are making
donations, we should be putting up a list of benefactors on the Web site
(perhaps we should ask them first though...)