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Re: Raising and Spending Money !!

> I'll keep you posted with any ways we find to raise dough and would
> appreciate any ideas - and I mean ANY ideas.

Quake fest??

> First one in is for a raffle for a worthwhile prize - a $750 Holiday
> at the place of your choice around Australia staying at a great
> selection of places (motels, resorts, etc. several hundred top
> joints to choose from) donated to us by a potential Member - we
> still have to print and distribute the raffle books - I guess we
> could run it for a few months.

This is great -  I will buy tickets :)

> How about some suggestions for the ticket price - like $2 -$5 - 3
> for $5, 3 for $10 - remember it doesn't really matter - if it's low
> we just sell more tickets. This could give us a weekly flow to buy
> parts.

$2 a ticket and $5 buys three perhaps.