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Re: Draft Consitution

> What does everyone think? seems like a good idea to me - for non-profit
> groups only?

Sounds okay to me - 

> I also wantr to put in something in the Statement of Purpose clause
> (early on) about "free software", to replace or give teeth to the open
> source bit; I've read through the GNU site, and hope someone has a
> "sound bite" length definition of free software... Help!

the latest article by Richard Stallman at
might provide some useful pointers. eg:

> Free as in freedom
> The term "free software" is sometimes misunderstood--it has nothing to do with price. It is about
> freedom. Here, therefore, is the definition of free software: a program is free software, for you,
> a particular user, if: 
>     You have the freedom to run the program, for any purpose. 
>     You have the freedom to modify the program to suit your needs. (To make this freedom
>     effective in practice, you must have access to the source code, since making changes in a
>     program without having the source code is exceedingly difficult.) 
>     You have the freedom to redistribute copies, either gratis or for a fee. 
>     You have the freedom to distribute modified versions of the program, so that the
>     community can benefit from your improvements. 

Quoted from Stallman's article