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Re: general announcement re:main web page

On 19 Feb, Kylie Davies wrote:

> Anyone wanting to make an announcement re: State happenings or
> whatever, supporters, items of general interest can do so - just send
> me the details and I will put it on the web site as soon as possible. 
> I guess it would be ideal if State groups could contribute general
> announcements and items of interest etc automatically...is there an
> easy way to set something like this up...Terry - ? (CVS, or similar
> Slashdot type system??) 

My recommendation is for you to build a submission form for news. We
have the 'formail.pl' perl script installed on the system, you could
have the form content directed to you by email for vetting. You could
then add it manually.

If there are enough event submissions to make a more automated system
worthwhile then we could put one together for you. For what it is
worth, the Linux Australia one operates manually.


terry@albert.aapra.org.au, terry@linux.org.au