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Updated Lesson 1 - for Introduction to Computers and Linux Manual

Hi all,

I have updated lesson 1 in the Introduction to Computing
And Linux Manual.

You can review this at:

I have also decided (more clearly) the strategy I will be using to put
these documents together.

From the TOC, there will be a series of Lessons - entitled, Lesson1,
Lesson2, ... Lesson N.

These will outline a 90 Minute Lesson Plan.  This lesson plan will
typically include 30-40 minutes for reading through various chapters of
the documentation system that covers the major topics dealt with by the

These chapters are custom-written - but may themselves link to various
portions of LDP documents. The portions of each LDP document will be
maintained in a seperate sub-directory off the main documentation
directory so as to clearly demark what has come from an ldp document,
and what has been custom written for this documentation effort.  This is
primarily for Licensing reasons - in that the LDP documents come under a
range of Licensing schemes which, while similar in most respects to the
Open-Content-License, are nonetheless seperate and different from the
LDP documents.  Therefore they require their own licensing
terms/conditions.  The legal documentation for each LDP document used
will be maintained in the directory for that LDP document along with
those portions of the LDP document used.

For example I have begun using some sections of the Linux Getting
Started Guide.  The portions that I have begun using are maintained in a
directory called gs-cb off the main doco directory.  It is my intent to
store complete copies of the original documents in a directory that will
be named without the "-cb" appended to the end.  So the complete Getting
Started With Linux Guide will be stored in a directory called "gs" while
the portioned / modified versions that have been seperated from the rest
will be stored in "gs-cb".

To see how this works in practice, you're best to visit:


Which is complete.  (although some additions may be made at a later

Any comments/suggestions or submissions to the documentation project are
welcome and encouraged.  Please send them to:


David Buddrige