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Re: [Computerbank] Network knotting out day - late notice - in Victoria

David Lloyd wrote:

Because sometimes face to face meetings get more done. IRC and online
meetings lose a lot of information normally conveyed by tone of
voice and body language. [Grant aka "nevyn" terms this low bandwidth] .

While online meetings tend to drive me insane too fr much the same reasons as nevyn;), i have to add a large


1 the reality is 'the tyranny of distance' means face to face between state groups is not an option

2 if we are to act as a national group, surely we should seize such opportunities to assist each other?

3 our involvement in such meetings would mean we have the records to tap into should we face such networking information at some point

just my two cents worth of course. seems silly to me to be a national organisation and not take advantage of the benefits where we can, but regardless have to contend with the disadvantages.....
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