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Re: [Computerbank] Network knotting out day - late notice - in Victoria


> BUT!
> 1 the reality is 'the tyranny of distance' means face to face between 
> state groups is not an option


> 2 if we are to act as a national group, surely we should seize such 
> opportunities to assist each other?


> 3 our involvement in such meetings would mean we have the records to tap
> into should we face such networking information at some point

Of course this assumes that State X wouldn't share their records with
State Y.

> just my two cents worth of course. seems silly to me to be a national 
> organisation and not take advantage of the benefits where we can, but 
> regardless have to contend with the disadvantages.....

I tend to look at this cynically. It's better to have a local, state
face-to-face meeting that actually gets something done and is productive
than a national IRC meeting that is confusing and a shambles.

/me prefers to live in the real world

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