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Re: [cai-sa] Re: [Computerbank] Network knotting out day - late notice- in Victoria

David Lloyd wrote:

Of course this assumes that State X wouldn't share their records with
State Y.
of course we can hope they put the documents soemwhere we can access them. unfortunately we have no access to teh vic intranet.

also,this assumes we KNOW they have docs on this subject when we need them. of course, asking often acheives this knowledge. but the experience of being involved in the process is worth more than many docs, imho.

I tend to look at this cynically. It's better to have a local, state
face-to-face meeting that actually gets something done and is productive
than a national IRC meeting that is confusing and a shambles.
face to face good.
AND adding a national meeting on it also good imho, if with planned agenda. technical meetings also tend to be more productive than the admin ones;)

/me prefers to live in the real world
so how does the open source movement thrive globally then? only holding technical discussions locally and face to face?
thats not very real world david:)

besides david, accepting staus quo as 'the real world' means nothing ever changes or advances. boring.

i'd rather attempt and fail a million times, and succeed once, than sit back and cuddle my cynicism:)

carpe diem in everything dude!
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