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Re: [cai-sa] Re: [Computerbank] Network knotting out day - late notice - in Victoria


> of course we can hope they put the documents soemwhere we can access 
> them. unfortunately we have no access to teh vic intranet.

Maybe ComputerBank National needs a Wiki. What's a Wiki?

 * visit http://www.wikipedia.org/

..for an example of a good one with lots of content.

> > /me prefers to live in the real world

> so how does the open source movement thrive globally then? only holding 
> technical discussions locally and face to face?

Mailing lists, CVS and face to face.

> besides david, accepting staus quo as 'the real world' means nothing 
> ever changes or advances. boring.


> i'd rather attempt and fail a million times, and succeed once,  than sit
> back and cuddle my cynicism:)



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