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Re: [cai-sa] Re: [Computerbank] Network knotting out day - late notice- in Victoria

David Lloyd wrote:

Maybe ComputerBank National needs a Wiki. What's a Wiki?

 * visit http://www.wikipedia.org/

..for an example of a good one with lots of content.
yes, have seen these, and its a good idea:)

so how does the open source movement thrive globally then? only holding technical discussions locally and face to face?
Mailing lists, CVS and face to face.
lol ever tell that to all the irc channels in freenode etc?

but those are all good tools too - and whats to stop us doing the same? online collaboration is not limited to irc, nor have i ever believed THAT furphy:)



a laugh a day keeps the doctor away sweet, glad to provide:)

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