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Re: [Computerbank] About the Debian Cd's


> I think it is a great idea - @ $2 per CD I don't know how they are
> covering their overheads though.

The CD's are costed at about 0.90 including a jewel case. We take about
$0.50 per CD (or less) to cover the cost of the burn and donate the rest.
Cheap burners are rated to last for about 1000 burns and cost abut $300 or


 * 1000 x 0.50 = 500$

..which is more than enough to cover costs.

> Should Computerbank join them as a distributor, or just some
> individuals, seeing Computerbank has standardised on one distribution?

I'm happy to provide a distribution service for ComputerBank :)

Microbits Linux Technician

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