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Re: [Computerbank] 225q, Ararat and a new project in NE-VIc

Kylie being away is a bit of a bummer (good for her though!) just when we
are getting so close to seeing Greg and sussing his capabilities. No
worries there, Greg knows what I mean.

There's a model we need to develop when a bush Linux-capable dude bobs up
like Greg, how do you make sure they can do everything without offending
them? Greg's cool, but someone Rob finds for Snug might be doing it out of
his or her goodness of heart more than anything. They're so hard to find we
don't want to irritate such people whenever we do come along.

Don't say they can come to Melbourne to be "trained", some other answer has
to be found, probably in conjunction with the Linux user groups across
Australia. Is our relationship with them strong enough to propose a joint
committee to look into this idea?

Regards, Bruce

PS. What can we mail to Greg right away and what sites should he know of?

At 11:45 29/12/01 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>G'day Kylie, I am thinking of coming to Melbourne on perhaps the 8th or 9th
>of January.
>Are you likely to be there then, or somebody else?  Nothing of importance,
>just thought I'd drop in and say LO.
>I will meet Bruce, whom I haven't met yet, and I want to drop an old box into
>225q and meet Sam as well.
>I'm sort of okay with RH5 through to RH7.1   And Mandrake 6.0.  I am not a
>Linux specialist/guru.  But I get by.
>Hardware, I am pretty okay with, but some of the old boards, I like to have
>a handbook for, because users do all sorts of funny things with the

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