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Re: [Computerbank] 225q, Ararat and a new project in NE-VIc

Bruce wrote:
> There's a model we need to develop when a bush Linux-capable dude bobs up
> like Greg, how do you make sure they can do everything without offending
> them? Greg's cool, but someone Rob finds for Snug might be doing it out of
> his or her goodness of heart more than anything. They're so hard to find
> don't want to irritate such people whenever we do come along.

A good test would be to get them down, give em a pile of stuff to put
together, and a distro to load on.  But there are also other things that
need to be checked out.  Cos u dont want anybody burning your system, and
piling corrupt dirt on so much good work.   And to find an all-round super
guru, that knows absolutely everything, is quite unlikely.  But hopefully
you may find some people that know enough, that a bit of support via a list,
will be enough to get them running decent, without having to do long courses
in Melbourne.


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