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Re: [Computerbank] 225q, Ararat and a new project in NE-VIc

Hi all

just my 2cents worth

The reason some people need to come to Melb, maybe for a weekend workshop
is to get a hands on feel for the computerbank package.

We don't use RH but our own deb package with docs to go with it. 

the other reason to come down for country folk is simply to meet everyone
and have a face to face natter about difficulties, yes maybe even a vent
about clients who drive you crazy, and a bit of a round table problem

There is plenty of support for techs but we all need to sit down

We can send you home with a package and stuff Greg and I'll get you to
fill in a volunteer form as all volunteers doing Computerbank Business are
covered by our volunteer insurance Aust wide.

Looking forward to meeting you and Linda.


On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Greg White wrote:

> Bruce wrote:
> > There's a model we need to develop when a bush Linux-capable dude bobs up
> > like Greg, how do you make sure they can do everything without offending
> > them? Greg's cool, but someone Rob finds for Snug might be doing it out of
> > his or her goodness of heart more than anything. They're so hard to find
> we
> > don't want to irritate such people whenever we do come along.
> >
> A good test would be to get them down, give em a pile of stuff to put
> together, and a distro to load on.  But there are also other things that
> need to be checked out.  Cos u dont want anybody burning your system, and
> piling corrupt dirt on so much good work.   And to find an all-round super
> guru, that knows absolutely everything, is quite unlikely.  But hopefully
> you may find some people that know enough, that a bit of support via a list,
> will be enough to get them running decent, without having to do long courses
> in Melbourne.
> greg
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