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Re: [Computerbank] 225q, Ararat and a new project in NE-VIc

Hi Pen,

Let's climb inside the head of someone "out there" (particularly interstate
in their outback towns and cities) who isn't so much into Computerbank as
Linux but is happy enough to help out the locals wanting to do the
Computerbank thing there. Greg isn't one of these people but he's an
example of sorts we can learn from.

Somehow, what we need is something like a website (perhaps?) where
Computerbank/Linux problems have been solved ... for Linux-capable helpers
for Computerbank branches (in formation) to refer to.

It is simply not an option for these people too far away to think of coming
to Melbourne or Sydney or Adelaide or Perth or Brisbane to do training there.

Are the LUG lists open to discussion of Linux/Computerbank stuff, what's
their attitude to this?

Regards to all, Bruce

At 13:59 2/01/02 +1100, Da Moose wrote:
>The reason some people need to come to Melb, maybe for a weekend workshop
>is to get a hands on feel for the computerbank package.
>We don't use RH but our own deb package with docs to go with it. 
>the other reason to come down for country folk is simply to meet everyone
>and have a face to face natter about difficulties, yes maybe even a vent
>about clients who drive you crazy, and a bit of a round table problem
>There is plenty of support for techs but we all need to sit down
>We can send you home with a package and stuff Greg and I'll get you to
>fill in a volunteer form as all volunteers doing Computerbank Business are
>covered by our volunteer insurance Aust wide.
>Looking forward to meeting you and Linda.

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