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Re: [Computerbank] the special case of Tassie

Lately, this hath been imparted:

> I've been potentially put off the scent by hearing how most LUGs are tied
> geographically to Sydney or Canberra or such. Is there somewhere that I
> could post (a URL) which helps people find their most local LUG? I can see
> how that would appeal most to a learner, even if their nearest LUG was
> centred over 200 km away. I'm thinking of Bowen QLD and Port Hedland,
> Kalannie and Geraldton in WA right now but this need will continually pop
> up.
> Regards, Bruce


try :

Also, having taught Windows and Linux to new users, let me say that teh 
learning curve is relatively equal - some things Linux users find easier, 
some things Windows users find easier. But KDE has a lot of the stuff Windows 
has (hence its bloat...), and I have had many Windows users comment on how 
easy it is to learn...

Actually, I prefer training those with NO experience - no preconceived ideas 
on how a desktop should be:)

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"Between the idea and the reality, 
Between the motion and the act, 
Falls the Shadow..." 
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