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[Computerbank] finding your nearest LUG

Thank you Romana,

I'll look at the other states too afterwards but when I looked at WA
http://www.linux.org.au/cgi-bin/usergroups.cgi?wa , the four listed were in
Perth or south of it. What do the places I mentioned which are a way up
north of Perth do?

Can our Perth people help me out for them, please?


At 12:41 5/01/02 +1030, romana wrote:

  [Port Hedland, Kalannie and Geraldton in WA right now]

>try :
>Also, having taught Windows and Linux to new users, let me say that teh 
>learning curve is relatively equal - some things Linux users find easier, 
>some things Windows users find easier. But KDE has a lot of the stuff
>has (hence its bloat...), and I have had many Windows users comment on how 
>easy it is to learn...
>Actually, I prefer training those with NO experience - no preconceived ideas 
>on how a desktop should be:)

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