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Re: [Computerbank] finding your nearest LUG

I'll look at the other states too afterwards but when I looked at WA
http://www.linux.org.au/cgi-bin/usergroups.cgi?wa , the four listed were in
Perth or south of it. What do the places I mentioned which are a way up
north of Perth do?
Can our Perth people help me out for them, please?

Sorry guys!

I missed this  following bit at first..


But there isn't one in my area! 

This can be a disappointing discovery. We have two suggestions, either of
which you might choose to exercise: 

1. Create one. No really. If you live somewhere where you suspect there are
other linux users then seek them out and convince one or two of them
forcibly to assist you. This is pretty much how the ones that already exist
started. Local universities or schools might be good places to start. Find
a space to hold a meeting, book it. Take out a classified ad in your local
paper, post a message to the aus.computers.linux newsgroup and wait to see
who turns up. 
2. Join the #linux channel instead. Maybe you live in a remote area that
doesn't have enough people to reach critical mass and establish a user
group. If you have Internet access there is little reason why you can't
have at least some of the fun of a user group without the hassle of having
to decide what Pizza to order. Fire up your favourite IRC client and point
it at one of the "OpenProjects" irc servers. "irc.linux.org.au" is a good
place to start. Join the "#linuxaus" channel and say hello. 


Could someone do that for Computerbank allover, please?


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