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[Computerbank] Re: finding your nearest LUG


Are you or one of your Snug people on http://www.taslug.org.au/ ?

That should be a start?

Perhaps they could boost a Hobart LUG from it? (I don't know if this is a
good idea or not) How many TASLUG people are there?


>For WA http://www.linux.org.au/cgi-bin/usergroups.cgi?wa 
>But there isn't one in my area! 
>This can be a disappointing discovery. We have two suggestions, either of
>which you might choose to exercise: 
>1. Create one. No really. If you live somewhere where you suspect there are
>other linux users then seek them out and convince one or two of them
>forcibly to assist you. This is pretty much how the ones that already exist
>started. Local universities or schools might be good places to start. Find
>a space to hold a meeting, book it. Take out a classified ad in your local
>paper, post a message to the aus.computers.linux newsgroup and wait to see
>who turns up. 
>2. Join the #linux channel instead. Maybe you live in a remote area that
>doesn't have enough people to reach critical mass and establish a user
>group. If you have Internet access there is little reason why you can't
>have at least some of the fun of a user group without the hassle of having
>to decide what Pizza to order. Fire up your favourite IRC client and point
>it at one of the "OpenProjects" irc servers. "irc.linux.org.au" is a good
>place to start. Join the "#linuxaus" channel and say hello. 

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