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Re: [Computerbank] 225q, Ararat and a new project in NE-VIc

Well, I suppose Kylie's back now?

Kylie, you mentioned a number of potential branches here in Victoria that I
don't know anything about. The Italian tobacco growers you mentioned surely
are now even second or third generation Australians? There's no need for
anyhing special for them, like covering the Italian language? I just saw a
piece on wine making in that NE-VIC area on ABC-TV's Landline Best of
series, if you've got the time go to

My point in mentioning this is is: sure they've all got their Italian names
but they speak pure Australian, no worries!

Anyhow Kylie, good to have you back and hope you catch up on all that's
been happening quickly. Will you be at the lunch for Greg on Thursday?

Regards, Bruce

At 14:44 28/12/01 +1000, Kylie Davies wrote:

>Thanks to Darrell for his post about ACT involvement in Computerbank -
>will look forward to chatting about this in early January...meanwhile
>will look for ACT people who have expressed an interest in Computerbank
>before (there has definately been a few). 
>On the subject of Greg White and Ararat - I think Greg is doing some
>wonderful work in regards to getting some support together. When i am
>back in the office - I'll check old emails for people who may live in
>that area - who may have shown interest in helping computerbank - I know
>that there are a few in Ballarat and Bendigo. 
>Further on this subject I'd suggest that Greg come down and visit in
>Melbourne (if possible) to get a crash course in linux and maybe take
>home a few practice boxes. Give us a call after January 8th (we are on
>holidays til then!) to arrange a time (this will give us time to prepare
>the boxes). 
>Another interesting thing that I will mention right now (I promised I
>would) and food for thought for all...
>A project for both CAI-VIC and CAI-NSW (if okay with NSW) involving the
>NE of VIC (near and around King Valley area), close to the NSW border
>(details are a little sketchy because I've misplaced the project notes
>i'd taken). We want to be able to network the italian tobacco growers
>with 3 networks of three computers capable of Internet access (so 9 in
>all). It is preferable to have these systems in both English and
>There are also about 12 stand alone systems to head down this way too,
>but there are no issues with these. 
>Can anyone comment about the Italian side of the project? Do we have any
>Italian speaking folk amongst us - and if so are you in NSW or VIC? What
>about the degree of difficulty - are we able to implement friendly GUI's
>for these people - some whom will have never used a computer before?
>More on the Italian project later... :) Back online January 7th!

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