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Subject: Feeding the Trolls
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 12:07:11 +1100
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Hi Bruce,

As an infrequent visitor to this forum (especially now while the priorities
of most NSW volunteers are obviously elsewhere due to the fires), I cannot
at this time stand idle without offering personal support for everything you
have done and encouraged to be done in the field of informatics in recent
years - in particular for your work in making virtual communities a reality,
and thereby promoting the use of technology as a tool for the disadvantaged.

There is a common term for your latest posting - it's called "Feeding the

Trolls are people who post misinformed and confrontational gibberish for no
other reason than to get a response - Usually if you ignore the nonsense,
the Troll becomes bored and moves elsewhere.

It's far more difficult (though often more valuable) to try and educate
Trolls in concepts such as  paradigms (which they are frequently locked in),
the value of differing perspectives and concepts, and even in such
subtleties as Internet Etiquette and common courtesy when it comes to
debating an issue.

Please keep up the great work you are doing.


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