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Re: [Computerbank] the special case of Tassie

Bruce McCubbery wrote:

> Your advice is gratuitous, ignorant and offensive.

If you don't want the feedback, then don't post the comment.

Linux is just an operating system.

The critical point is that Computerbank was sold to me as worthwhile
supporting because it uses only Linux to re-use computers. If it is
going to change, then I'm out. I've said it before and I'll say it

I've had 10+ years in MS User Groups and they are bad - increasing
dependence and little willingness to self learn and help themselves -
little mutual effort. I've also had 7+ years in LUGs and the contrast is
remarkable (lots of willingness to learn and help).


> Creating country branches of Computerbank in places too far from a capital
> city can be done, if only that discover-a-local-Linux-expert problem is
> solved.

As has been previously said, you really need a LUG/group of Linux
enthusiasts. One person can become over worked, unless that person is
just a mentor for other people to learn Linux, then it will work and
Computerbank will have long term success. 

The "local linux expert" is really a magic pill approach and the problem
is that if the magic pill can not be found, then you don't do anything.
But there are other solutions.

More realistically, people are just going to have to learn Linux. So
long as they are making an effort, there are plenty of LUG lists
throughout the world that will help them with any problems. The first
time can be frustrating, but it gets easier with experience.

It all just takes time.


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