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[Computerbank] the special case of Tassie

You see guys, I come from a different orientation than most within
Computerbank, I'm not at all interested in Linux.

       (( boo?? ))

My focuses are twofold. (actually one)

Getting as many donated computers as we can through to the people needing
them as rapidly as we can.

Doing this all over Australia not just in our capital cities. 

That's why I'm so pushy about extra branches ASAP.

It's become quite clear these must be stand alone in everything except
picking up on what has been developed elsewhere within Computerbank,
training packages, etc. Without a tiny doubt, our current structure cannot
help Geraldton WA or Bowen QLD or Katherine NT or Broken Hill NSW with a
lot ... BUT they can start IF they find the local LINUX dude that's needed.

Sorry to tell you, but I know of three places that have given up on going
the Linux way but chosen instead to stick to Microsoft when they couldn't
get Computerbank and Linux help. They could get the donations locally and
organise everything else so why not?

In the light of the difficulties Snug TAS has had, they might be forced
into doing the same and Snug is our only chance in Tassie at the moment to
sell the Computerbank story.


PS. Greg is right but it would need Snug to come up with a telecentre
package and the grant.

At 13:26 3/01/02 +1100, Greg White wrote:
>I have no answer as yet for overcoming this tyrrany of distance and
>knowledge.  But south of Hobart, is a beautiful area.   There are a lot of
>people who would love to live in such a beautiful area.  There are a lot of
>fishermen in Tassie, surely they know that u have to use the right bait on
>the line and hook, to have a chance of catching the right fish.   If they
>put together a residence with cheap rent (package) for an interested tech
>that wants out of the rat race.  And then cast in (advertised on the right
>Linux oriented lists), who knows they may get a bite or two.

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