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Re: [Computerbank] solving the conundrum of the bush


Let's say someone bobbed up on Australia-wide and wanted cheap (not knowing
they might get FREE) computers for locals unable to afford any computer.
Let's leave out the fact you'd probably volunteer to help them. (I know you

If we just told them, "Join LUV, go to http://www.luv.asn.au/ " where would
that leave someone?

Let's say we said, "Come back when you've got your Linux expert," we
wouldn't but just say?


At 17:21 5/01/02 +1100, Greg White wrote: I cannot speak for LUV.  But it
seems to me, that any person who is
>interested in LINUX and is using it, is most welcome there.    And if they
>have problems, they only have to ask and somebody will help them.   And you
>find that in return, when they have learnt something, that can help somebody
>with a query, then they help.  And so the list sort of rolls on, in a quite
>beneficial manner.  And it really helps people to feel that they now have a
>community, and not just an operating system and box.

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