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Re: [Computerbank] solving the conundrum of the bush

Bruce, the LUV group, operate at least three lists.   LUV Beginners, LUV
talk, and just 'LUV'.
And generally speaking I would think that Computerbank clients would feel
like fish out of water on these lists, and be overawed by the skill level.
These lists they would be encouraged to join once up to speed a bit.

I think the clients would have to come to Melbourne (generally speaking),
and pick up some prepared machines, and have at least a couple of hours of
familliarization.  Then they would go home, and perhaps engage in some
initial backup from say a computerbank support list.   A possibility would
be for computerbank to contact  all of the Linux User Groups in the State,
and ask for Volunteers (tutors) to man a computerbank help list, and set up
a self perpetrating help list.  And because it was a special computerbank
help list, the clients would not feel so embarrassed or out of their depth.
And all the help talk on the list would revolve around a computerbank
approved distro.  So it would all be relevant to them.
And I reckon there's probably them at computerbank that have thought about
stuff like this  :-)


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> Greg?
> Let's say someone bobbed up on Australia-wide and wanted cheap (not
> they might get FREE) computers for locals unable to afford any computer.
> Let's leave out the fact you'd probably volunteer to help them. (I know
> now)
> If we just told them, "Join LUV, go to http://www.luv.asn.au/ " where
> that leave someone?
> Let's say we said, "Come back when you've got your Linux expert," we
> wouldn't but just say?
> Bruce
> At 17:21 5/01/02 +1100, Greg White wrote: I cannot speak for LUV.  But it
> seems to me, that any person who is
> >interested in LINUX and is using it, is most welcome there.    And if
> >have problems, they only have to ask and somebody will help them.   And
> >find that in return, when they have learnt something, that can help
> >with a query, then they help.  And so the list sort of rolls on, in a
> >beneficial manner.  And it really helps people to feel that they now have
> >community, and not just an operating system and box.
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